We at Skilltrak have a wide variety of services on offer to suit your specific needs. Should your specific need not be on the list below, we encourage you to contact us on michelle@skilltrak.co.za and we will be able to assist you:


Outsourced Human Resources and Employee Relations

  • Disciplinary Matters – advice on warnings, chairing of disciplinary hearings
  • Misconduct, Ill Health/Incapacity
  • Poor Work Performance consultation
  • Retrenchment consultations

Human Resource Administration

  • Management of employee files
  • Writing job descriptions in conjunction with management
  • Manage all employee leave
  • Develop organisational charts
  • Restructuring exercises

Conflict Resolution

  • Manage and resolve internal grievances

Performance Appraisal System

  • Develop a performance appraisal system that suits your business

Recruitment and On-boarding

  • Inhouse Recruitment
    • Advertise on relevant platforms
    • Screening CVs and Interviewing
    • Pre-employment checks
    • Contract negotiation
  • On-boarding
    • Orientation and Induction

Staff Welfare and Well-being

Skills Development and Training

HR Policies and Procedures

Payroll Services